Our club is officialy known as “PHV Goedereede”, wich means as much as “Policedog trainingclub Goedereede”. Our club is named after the village were we have our trainingfield.
The club is established in 1982 and one of the earliest members is Jaap Nouwt. Today Jaap Nouwt is the treasurer of the club and our main trainer.
After manny succesfull years, where lots of dogs were trained to KNPV PH1 and PH2 certifications, the club came into heavy weather. Members stopped or went to another club and there was a moment that “Goedereede” almost stopped existing.
In the year 2003 luckely a couple of very enthousiatic K9-lovers decided to re-start the club and today “Goedereede” is a very active KNPV-club.

The members of “PHV Goedereede” work their dogs on Tuesday and Thursdayevenings (7 PM) and on sundaymornings  (9 AM).

Who We Are