Rody was a great and special policedog for me. During the time I was training with him,  I learned to respect and to love him. He was brave and fair to his handler and his searchingquality’s were extraordinary. No matter he was searching for big or small objects or in a area- or buildingsearch,  this dog was always working on a high level.

With Rody I got passed the:
PH1 certificate cumlaude (policedog 1) with 437 points  and-
PH2 certificate cumlaude (policedog 2) with 453 points.

After his certification,  I competed with him in several trials.
Unfortunately Rody suffered from acute areumatism and that was the reason I had to euthanize him.

Never I will forget this special dog.

Jaap Nouwt
In memorie of Rody
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